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I accepted the fact that something like that was inevitable before I even finished the application, so I don't really have the right to be angry. it's just the fact that my friends are quitting, and that's the perk of working there, i get to work with people of my age group....the new transfer is one of those that cannot work on sunday, so everyone else will be forced to. it's just gonna be major suck unless i find something else or just do what i wanted to do 2 and a half years ago. get back in the mil. main thing that is stopping me is that i share an apartment. gotta start getting rid of alot of junk that i haven't touched since i moved in, then find a storage for the rest of it. (not too much other stuff, mostly games, books, and my massive star wars collection)

work has slowed down significantly, and my bosses are gonna start being bitchy, especially once the others put in their 2 weeks notice and everyone else is needing training. i'm trying not to worry too much though.

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