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Work was slow again. Sweet. Nice, short, relaxing days of doing little jobs.

Took some pics of the hall with no seats in it. I'll post some later... tonight after I eat, or tomorrow at some point. (For those of you on Facebook, you can see them now in the group I started called "Berklee Performance Center Employees.")

Bought Call of Duty 4. Played the intro and first couple of missions before giving up. I'll need to work on the training level a bit more to get faster with the weapons swapping and the targeting scheme.

Did a couple more levels of Halo 2, as well.

Found another guy at work with Halo 3. Plan on doing an epic multiplayer death-fest at some point this weekend, boys!

Time to eat, and get to bed. I have to get up early so I can do a vet's-office run before work to pick up cat medicine so I don't need to worry about driving all the way across town after work only to arrive JUST AFTER they lock the doors at 7... like I did tonight. Grrr...

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