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Originally Posted by edlib

Bought Call of Duty 4. Played the intro and first couple of missions before giving up. I'll need to work on the training level a bit more to get faster with the weapons swapping and the targeting scheme.

goooood!!!!!!!!!!! It's intense, I've been playing on veteran difficulty, very tough fights. Took me a bit to get used to, hell i'm still getting used to the fast-paced single player portion. it's like one minute dead silence, the next guns blazing, grenades going off choppers flying around shooting at everything in sight, then the next minute it's eerily quiet as an enemy sniper puts a round of avenge into your head.

Multiplayer is too addicting. every match is different. There are many ways to play, lots of stuff to unlock. I've only been using 1 weapon for a few days in multiplayer, the Russian RPD light machine gun, trying to unlock everything for it. All i need is around 30 more headshots and i'll have completed the challenge to unlock some nice camo for it. I've been playing team deathmatch hardcore, it's the most realistic version of multiplayer, aside from the respawns, and very addicting.

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