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Yeah... I'll have to attack it one of these days for real.

I'm at the point where I think I might have too many games. (Nice problem to have, right? )
But I'm having problems concentrating on one long enough to make any real progress through it.
I think I need to prioritize, and figure out an order that I'm going to work on them (at least in single player, that is...) before I go any further.

Thing is: I'm thinking about asking my cousin's husband (the one who just got the PS3) if he still has all his original XBox games... and if he wants to unload any of them to me if he does. Specifically Halo 1... but anything he has that looks interesting that's 360-compatible I'll take.

Then I'll really be swamped: He had a pretty nice library of games for that from what I remember.

If not: I know there's a couple of those classic games for download... And I DO have all that hard-drive space to fill...

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