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Nah, tattoos rock, but only if you draw them yourself and they mean something to you.

For example, I love Sam & Max, I have been a fan of them for damn near 17 years, but, I would never tattoo anyone elses artwork or creative elements on myself, because then youre making someone else a permanent part of you, and thats weird.

Plus what if I thought the same thing, then were both at a party and you say "LOOK AT THIS AWSOME MAX SKULL AND CROSBONES TATTOO I HAVE!" and then I turn around and have the same one, and then wede secretly have to hate each other for ever because we had the same ink.

Besides, any tattoo artist that doesnt suck balls should be able to use that one from the logo the way it is, if your tattoo artist needs to trace every individual line to create art on you, then you need a new tattoo artist.
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