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no no I shouldn....... no I can't resis..... Ok I can't take it any more, all this Juhani praise caused by those who voted her #1 and those who ranked her 2-7 have forced my hand now you'll have to read one of my death ideas for Juhani: Ok so she could end up on droid planet M4-78 and be captured by over 75 torture droids with many grizzly torture devices such as: Chainsaw arms, poison injecting sharp arm blades, electrical knuckles, etc... and take her into some deadly torture chamber designed to rip all hope from living beings(meatbags), so the 1st droid could rip what little hair she has clean off, then 4 droids could mutilate her limbs so she can't escape , next a bunch of droids could poke her in the ribs, elbows, knees, etc... then she could beg for mercy in her pathetic little voice, only making the droids want to hurt her more, coming to the 25th droid who would punch her teeth in with the electric fists causing her to gag on her on blood and strange cathar liquids, she'd beg "please don't hurt me anymore, I can't handle much more please, pleeeaase, pleeeeeaeaese" , then a droid would crack an opening in her skull and tear her skull apart, being maybe 2 or 3 inches from death they each stick a plasma grenade in every unnatural bodily opening caused by the droids and activated them blowing her in to a million pieces and take what is left of her head and toss it into the fire pits of Mustafar, ending with a droid saying "the worthless meatbag deserved it"
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