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Originally Posted by The Unbeholden
I rest my case.

Max is only saying Jews did WTC because he did it!


Use a magnifier and you'll find a bunch of pixels in the smoke lined up saying 'MAXSTATE DID IT!' You've been caught red handed Max, hand over your license to fap.

SPOILERS!!! Do not read unless you've read/seen/heard everything!

Harry Potter dies - Snape pwns Dumbledore -Harry becomes zombie - Harry pwns Micheal Jackson wannabe -Goku dies - Goku dies... again - Goku dies... FOR REAL THIS TIME - Vader is Luke's Father - Vader is Leia's father - Vader is C3P0's maker - Vader is Han's father-in-law - Vader is Mara's father-in-law - Vader is YOUR mailman
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