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I thing that In JKO you should be able to take on stuff that dont count as bosses but have equal power. For example - In Shadows of the Empire in the second level "Escape from Echo base" - the boss was an At-St but later on in the "Gall Spaceport" level you had to kill an At-St again but it wasnt the Boss - Boba Fett & his Slave 1 was. I think you should be able to fight something like a Turret and deflect the Laser Bolts with your saber. and then mabye do what Luke did in TESB(the empire striks back) and use a robe to swing up to under a AT-AT walker and slash open a panel under the hull a put in Sequncer Charges that explode and bring the AT-At tumbling to its knees or joints or whatever they are, besides raven said they eould e focusing on using the Lightsaber to do puzzles and stuff, slashin a panel counts I guess. Then there would be more lastability to the game.

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