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Definitely should be BF3, Here are my wishes:
--Not so many bugs in the game
--The awards need to be better, and here need to be more of them. (The Beam Rifle was a terrible award, Frenzy ruined the game((Too Easy)), Technician was really easy to get, you get the idea.)
-- Make each Trooper unique. (All troopers are the same, except Super Battle Droid)
-- Make "Unlockable" Troopers better
--Add more levels
--make levels better
--Vehicles need to be better
--Make the AI better. (I'm sick of seeing demolition units on levels that have no vehicles. )
--The turrets are annoying, please put less turrets. (The AI always go straight towards the turrets)
--Put more Jedi, make Darth Maul a little worse. He owns everything when played by a player.
--Get rid of Gammoreans for good, they are so stupid, and they can jump higher than the jedi can!
This is all I can think of of the top of my head...
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