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I think there should definitely be a new SW MMORPG.

The way the game used to function was fine, but they had to mess with it, and now it's unrealistic and quite boring.

The Jedi profession should never have been made one you just choose. It should be random.

Also, making it easier to travel from planet to planet with your own ship damaged the economy, as previously people were often forced to travel to to Coronet to get to other planets. This provided a hub for people to buy and sell, since there was always a lot of people there. It might have been annoying to wait for shuttles, but the game functioned well.

I should probably stop ranting, but I just miss the days of being a Teras Kasi master, and one of the rare Master Rangers.


I truly hope the devs learn from their mistakes, listen to the users, and make an excelent game.
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