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The problem with MMOs generally is that they are a breeding ground for those in the games industry who are just NOT creative.

For those of you who have experienced the dull World of Warcraft will know what I am talking about. These so called 'Quests' where you need to run to point A, kill mob, run back to NPC to run back again to kill even more mob is THE single biggest reason why MMO games lose players so quickly. Its a pure grind fest.

Many have adopted the way Blizzard have done things because of the games success. When Galaxies first launched, it suffered from the same problems. The skill tree system was excellent but the quests were nothing to do with Star Wars and that, in a nut shell killed the game off.

With so much content, the Galaxies development team just were not creative enough and how they allowed bugs to remain (like the buffs) added to the problem. 34 Professions was too much and as we saw, a pain to balance. Galaxies needs to have real star wars content for those who wish to purse that avenue - and for those who WANT to be the 'Uncle Owens' of this world, should be allowed to do so. After all, that is what makes Star Wars!

The games industry itself is on a mission to 'dumb down' games to make them more accessible but they are forgetting their hardcore market, who WILL invest time and money into a complex and rewarding game.
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