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Kreia stepped up to the Exile, deftly drew back her hood and looked at her pupil out of clear, blue-grey eys. 'Well done, girl. Take that look off your face and close your mouth. I may be a number of things but I am no dentist.'

When they had come to the temple-to-be, the old woman had felt the unfocused Force in the area tingle and prick like thousands of pins yet to no ill effect. She had stayed at the back, seated on a cushion among tools and other gear the workers had dumped on the floor at the far end of the building.

While Tysyacha had busied herself with the crystals, Kreia had acted as a catalyst, channelling the Force through herself to aid her apprentice when a thought had struck her. I wonder if it will make a difference, she had thought, and turned to look inside herself. There were the optical nerves, the retina...

When her eyes had regenerated, she had kept her eyelids closed, still beholding her surroundings through the Force, and only slowly, very gradually opened them to let them adapt to the daylight sifting in through the entrance. For the first time in years, she could make a choice how to see her surroundings again.

She had watched intensely how Tysyacha had finished polishing the stones, how she had intensified the bond to her husband and how well she had dealt with the Sangheili and had slowly moved along the circle of Kiffar.

Now that the Force was in focus, she could feel a struggle in the Force not very far away.

She smiled at her pupil's bewilderment. 'Do I remind you of someone? As I said, you really did well. Would you care to introduce us?'

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