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Originally Posted by Jammy-Jedi
Dantooine is my favorite taris would be but i thought it was not bustling enough needed more people same problem as NS in K2, Tatooine would also be up there had it been bigger much bigger.
I wouldn't compare Taris with Nar Shadaa at all. IMNSHO, Taris is what the Smuggler's Moon should have been.

Originally Posted by Meowster
I secondly chose Manaan. I like it, the atmosphere, the beautiful gazes and such, and the endless city which I always get lost in...I like its size, and I also hate it. Am I the only one that finds it confusing?
Not at all, friend. The stores, the hotel, the court, and Ahto, of course. I normally feel like on a MMO when on Manaan.

Originally Posted by adamqd
I just hate the Selkath, there voices go through me
Yeah, I didn't like them too... But I guess they were meant to be that way.


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