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Think of it this way -- you need people to man the turbolasers, pilots to man the ship's full complement of starfighters, engineers, navigations officers, communications officers, troopers en masse (imagine if you need to send a boarding party, or a detachment of troops down to a planet). If you have any ground-based vehicles they need pilots. Plus there's always people to man the mess hall.

If you really think about it, 1000 crew members is not hard to imagine at all. You just have to remember it's not 1000 random people, it's 1000 people who all have jobs. For instance an Imperial-class Star Destroyer's complement of TIE fighters was one wing. That's 6 squadrons -- 72 pilots right there. Say maybe 50 turbolasers, 20 ion cannons, and now we're up to about 150 personel. Then if you wanted enough stormtroopers for a standard garrison deployment that's about 800 men. We're almost at 1000 already, and we haven't even covered the real crew!

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