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what are reviewers up to damnit!!

Smaller, quieter, cheaper, more efficient is how progress should be made. These power hungry, cash guzzling replacements for your heater will be ignored by most consumers, even enthusiasts for that matter..

Most 'enthusiasts' I know are always complaining they need to upgrade their 2 year old system(due to mainly being students), thus the meddles with the OCs etc

I'd like to see numbers on whether a 1GB framebuffer actually makes a significant difference(apart from to the bank balance of course)

Intel couldnt really fail with their 45nm IMO, the revamp they did with C2D set them on a development pathway to get to where they are now. This seems to be where AMD are stagnating. The 'quad from the ground up' strategy hasnt paid off yet. If priced appropriately, they could still sell well though, which is all they need to keep them keeping on with their spiders and pumas and whatnots

Still, until AMD roll out their 45nm CPUs, the almighty judges of the CPU pissing contest(whoever they are) cant rightfully call a 'true quad' winner

For me though, the a$$kicking handed out by crysis to the high end cards in HD/UHD has dulled my keen-ness to upgrade anytime soon


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