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((Sorry for the odd/longish post, but it is an RP-Fic. I was just getting Cetanu's weird bloodlust issue out of the way for the moment. He's got hormone, seriously, his Kill Glands' regulator implant is malfunctioning. I'll explain it later.))

Cetanu had little struggle when it came to breaking his fall, so as not to break every bone in his body, even though the Yautja stress structure was capable of withstanding anywhere between seven to ten times the amount of stress and pressure Ooman bones could withstand, including falls, but that still didn't stop his organs from being turned to mush on impact, so he had to slow himself down before getting to the ground.

He would land on a ledge, or a building top, and then, not to slow his momentum, would flip off. After he finally reached the ground he found himself in an alleyway, dark and abandoned, it allowed him a slight vantage point to look out at the streets and buildings and observe people, and yet not be seen himself.

Cetanu snarled as he looked from one person to another. They were all unarmed, all weak, none of them worthy to be hunted, none of them were even honorable to kill, some, especially the women and children, were seen by his people as innocents, and were considered dishonorable kills, and would often lower his standing, instead of raise it. Sometimes Yautja that killed too many innocents were declassed and dishonored, which basically meant that they were deranked. Many that continued would be ranked as Bad Bloods, which are considered criminals in Yautja society, though the most notorious of Bad Bloods were those that killed their own species, and not just innocents of other species.

Cetanu didn't know whether his clan was keeping track of him or not, but he knew all too well that they could very easily catch wind of any dishonorable acts, and it would eventually end with an Arbitrator being sent out after him.

He needed to find a worthy prey. He needed to find himself the only way he knew how, through hunting, and killing. Cetanu leapt up onto a low roof, and stalked along the top, out of sight of anyone on the streets. He found himself getting close to the park again. Hunt the witch woman! Something screamed within him. Cetanu paused, and then pushed that out of mind, he couldn't, he wouldn't! He looked around until he observed something he found interesting.

A group of Oomans, he didn't know whether they were normal Oomans, or Near-Ooman species, and he really didn't care. They were standing outside of a cantina, roughing up a scrawny young man, a local by the looks of it. Another dishonorable thing in Yautja society, never walk away when others show dishonor. Besides that, the leader looked to be like quite a tough Ooman, an alpha male if he'd ever seen one, and killing an alpha male showed dominance, and brought great honor.

Cetanu dropped down in an alleyway not far from the group, actually, it was right behind them. As he drew closer he could hear them laugh and taunt the fellow they'd been picking on.

"Hah! How about you show us some respect now?" One said, he seemed small, an Omega of the group, like himself, maybe a Beta at best.

"Shut up 'Z'," said the alpha male, the smaller one complied with sealed lips, and it reminded him of the days when he used to be with his clan.

Cetanu came up behind the men unnoticed, the scrawny local's eyes grew wide at the hulking new arrival, but he smiled from behind a bruised face as he realised that the newcomer wasn't exactly on the gang's side.

The group leader stopped smiling as he saw the local smile at something behind him. He turned, his teeth clenched together and his eyes widening as he saw the tall figure looming behind him. But before the leader could even give out a cry, he was impaled on two medium length wristblades, parallel to each other. The man was large for a Ooman, but was lifted off the ground with ease as the Yautja made a quick and efficient kill.

The group was awestruck, but quickly went into action, most ran, including the one called 'Z', while a couple of tougher men stayed behind, giving a cry they pulled blasters on Cetanu, but he was quick. One more fell to his wristblades, and at the same time another was impaled on Cetanu's combi stick, a telescoping quarter staff, a common weapon of his people.

There was one other, and he got the worst of it as he was mauled by both weapons. Cetanu didn't pause to look at the corpses, and ran after the cowards.

Cetanu stood infront of a fear struck and horrified man. The man witnessed the large beast of an alien tear through the gang that had been harrassing and beating him, and ruthlessly hunt down every last one that had fled. Behind the creature in the alleyway was something that would turn heads, and stomachs. Hanging upside down in the alley were the skinned corpses of every gang member, all but the leader, whose headless corpse lay propped up at the end of the alley. If it weren't for the fact that the alley was in a secluded niche, then everyone on the street would be able to see the horrifying sight.

Cetanu stared off towards where the park was, he was satisfied, for now. But he was also upset, the alpha of the pack had been too easy to take out, he wanted worthy prey, and an honorable hunt, not a massacre, which is all it had ended up as. He finally looked down at the man curled up on the ground, as if seeing him for the first time. He reached down and lifted the man up with one sharp tug, the man giving out a yelp.

Cetanu lifted the bloodied wristblades under the man's chin, and said menacingly, "you tell no one!" And with that he shoved the man into the street, the man taking off like a frightened animal. Cetanu retracted the blades, and put the cylinder that was his combi stick back in it's place, and headed off towards the park to meet up with Prae. Hopefully he wouldn't smell the blood on him.
As Cetanu approached the figure of Prae, he noticed a group of people standing near him. It was the woman and her companions. Cetanu snarled to himself, but stood silently behind his friend as he conversed with the woman.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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