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The Exile bowed deeply, shuddering inside her heart. "It was...truly nothing. Malachor V would not have happened had it not been for Revan. Darth Revan, as he was known more than five years past. It is he that my companions and I wish to find, although rumor has it that Revan has since turned back to the path of the Jedi and the Light.

"As for work: if you wish to come with us, we would welcome your company and your skills, especially those in combat. Not only do we want to locate Revan and have him join us, but our ultimate mission is to strike at the heart of the Dark Side, the True Sith. They are the ones who incited the Mandalorians to go to war against us. The Mandalorians gained great honor before their defeat, and the True Sith gained time. Time to marshal their forces and wait in the shadows before the final reckoning."

"The final reckoning of what?" sneered a Kiffar who was standing a little too close. "Seems to me that your Jeedi tricks have made you a little bit crazy." He chuckled and shook his head. "There are no True Sith, just the ones we have seen!"

"No one calls me crazy and gets away with it," snarled Tysyacha, brandishing sabers.
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