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Canderous stared at the Kiffar angrily. Yea, you better walk away. No one insults Tysy like that in front of me. The Kiffar shook his head and left the three of them, without looked back.

He turned back around and looked at Tysy and the Sangheili, who had both already continued their conversation. And suddenly, looking at his wife, and then at the armor-clad giant who had thought nothing of his attempt at intimidation, he had an odd feeling; she didn't need his protection. He, the Mandalore, was the one who needed protection.

Stop thinking like that, Canderous. You're still Mandalore, and that doesn't change until you die. And you're not dead yet. He looked back up at Tysy and "Prae". He needed to get away for just a moment, just to collect his thoughts. "If you have this under control Tysy, I'm gonna leave you two to whatever business you have with each other for a few moments."
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