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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Settle the heck down dude, I have a life outside of OJP too you know. So its the forum one you were talking about? I didnt catch that, thought it was the folder one since I'm usually better at keeping this one up to date. I'm glad you read this one too since reading through both manuals for changes gets annoying after a while. Anyways, thanks for the corrected version and I'll post it at the top.

I hate writing manuals. But since we needed one and I needed a manaul for my technical writing course last year, this just killed two birds with one stone
I have a life as well, it took me under 15 minutes to do that. And guess what Ive just stopped about 1000 people from getting confused on how to play the game, really got to be a new kind of lazy to screw that up. Im surprised if we haven't oready lost about 100 people cause they got confused on how to play the game and raged and quited playing... we neeed as much people supporting this mod as we can. Especially cause where getting out of the "buggy" stages, the game is really taking shape now so The Saber Manual needs to be up to date. most people that quit playing the mod after 10 minutes say cause its to "hard" or to "confusing", of course the mods gonna be confusing if the freakin manual has 10% mis informative information

Originally Posted by razorace
The Unbeholden, if you want to help with the manuals, I can set you up with a SVN account so you can change the docutments yourself.
I really can't fathom how incompetent these guys are, the only person with any real skill is razorace. you know if that would be possible i would be glad to help but Im gonna be going to college in about 3 weeks. So I wont be able to, not without my computer and some personal time and i'll be studying hard. Unforutunetly, yes i have a life to .. DAM !! Anyways I updated this oready so I guess you guys are set for about 1 year or so once another version comes out

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