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Traded in the Wii, the DS Lite, all the games for each, and the PS2, and got the following:

Refurbished 60 gig...

I absolutely LOVE every one of these games. Best part of it is, I didn't pay a dime for any of it, the store credit paid for everything, and I still have credit left. Plus the employee discount was nice on the refurbished 60 gig. I got everything used with the exception of Unreal Tournament 3.

After 14months, I got really tired of the Wii. In 14 months out of 230 some odd titles, I was only able to find about 6 that I liked, and got bored with all of them. Same for the DS Lite. And frankly I have grown tired of Nintendo's bull****. I decided I didn't need the PS2 with the 60 gig, so I kept most of my PS2 titles. I am much happier with another high end system. I discover something new on it each day.

Now go ahead all you Nintendo fan boys, go ahead and bash me for turning my back on Nintendo. At least you know I went in to it with an open mind, and came out wanting more from an otherwise gimmicky system...
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