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Name: Drizzet Vaidor
Age: Unknown
Species: Jedi/Sith
Home Planet: Ryloth
Weapons: Single handed Blue Lightsaber
Era: The Old Republic

Bio: His upbringing was difficult, especially when his parents were shocked to see electricity sparkying from their sons hands, frigthened they abadonned him. Left to his own devices, he looked for refugee in the form of the nearest settlement. In the settlement was a Jedi Master known as Shaak Ti, amazed by Drizzets ability to weild lightning she brings him to Corusant, fully aware that force lightning is a Sith ability, but convinced he can become a Jedi.

When his Jedi Training began, he swiftly passed the tests with ease, but the Council was still wary as while his Jedi powers grew, the Sith part of him still lurked deep down. He soon became a fully fletched Jedi and before long appointed a place on the Jedi Council. The risk seemed to have payed off from Shaak Ti, a Jedi he was, a Sith he wasn't. (Well at least not on the surface).

By the time the clones wars broke out he was already a master, although the Jedi Council kept a close eye on him, believing that his Sith powers meant that he could be turned. He helped i many battles and despite nearly being killed in the Battle of Corusant when his Cruiser was badly damaged, he survived.

When the purge of the Jedi began, Drizzet was inside the Temple, in the Jedi library to be precise, when he heard fire down below he ran to the blacony to see Skywalker and the clones attacking the Jedi, knowing the Clones would soon overhelm the Temple he drew his lightsaber and jumped to the ground floor and began to attack the Clones, he looked for Skywalker but he had already disappeared. Drizzet fought braverly and heriocically but to no avail, he had to retreat with the handful of Jedi he had rescued. They feld to the hanger and left.

He fought the Clone army (now the Galatic Empire) for years after and was eventually killed along with three other Jedi he had trained to become Masters while attempting to assainate Darth Sideous.

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