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Name: Restya Genrens
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Species: Soldier
Home Planet: Odos
Weapons: A-280 blaster rifle, DH-17 blaster pistol
Era: Galatic Civil War
Vehicles: X - Wing

Bio: His childhood was all going well until the Empire invaded the planet in search of something, they killed many people including her mum, when she was old enough to understand what happened her dad told her and she swore revenge on the Empire, and as soon as she was old enough she joined the Rebel Alliance.

She fought in many vital battles, Yavin Space battle, Hoth etc. She was a renouned fighter pilot but was unable to take part in the attack on the second death star after she fell ill.

She is still part of the Rebel Alliance to this date, a leading pilot in Red Sqaudron.

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