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As soon as Tysyacha had put away her lightsabre, Kreia quickly grabbed her chin and confronted her pupil with a stern, sad stare. Then, without a word, she turned away and beckoned Canderous to follow her to the glowing crystals in the centre of the temple.

'I know, the Force means little to, mighty warlord. Still, rest here a while among the healing powers of these imbued stones and heal. I will not extend my friendship to you lightly but I will be prepared to talk to you if you need someone to confide in. I shall leave you here for the moment. Rest here and heal. I have other business to see to.'

Quietly and unnoticed, Kreia left the temple. There you are. What a fine specimen. And so very confused. Poor creature.

Engrossed in his thoughts, Cetanu looked up in surprise as the old woman's parched hand softly touched his shoulder. He had not anticipated her coming and for the merest fracture of a second he had had the fleeting impression she was a ghost.

'A blood-stained warrior, so unaware? You have much to learn, my friend.' Kreia very gently reached out through the Force to calm the huge creature and felt the struggle within.

'Calm yourself. Wash off that blood and and join us. I may send you on a hunt one day. A hunt you may dream about.' She gave a friendly nod and withdrew to the building where Tysyacha and the others were still the centre of attention, keenly eyed and listened to by the locals who seemed to enjoy the impromptu circus amidst their holy building site.
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