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Tysyacha's heart sank, but then her mind came up with a plan. An absurd one, to be sure, since she was the one who had inadvertently caused the Ebon Hawk to crash in the middle of their beautiful urban park, but she figured that with the newly- formed goodwill on the part of the Kiffar and explaining the real reason why the vessel had to be repaired so quickly, she just might win them to her side, and her allies' side.

"Good Kiffar," she explained, "it seems that with my payment to Yeru Dolzhna for the repairs of your urban park, my crew and I have run out of funds to pay for fixing our vessel as well. The Ebon Hawk is more than just a freighter; it is a fighter and combat transport fit for ten. We are on an urgent mission; the enemy is waiting.

"This enemy is not some foreign invader from some far-off planet, or even bands of brigands and mercenaries bent on a military coup. We face none other than the True Sith, who are stronger than the remnants of Dark Jedi you have previously fought. We have strong reason to suspect the True Sith have found their moment, their decisive point in history to attack and reveal themselves. Help us repair our ship, and you help us to be prepared before they take us by surprise. Who among you will do this?"

Not one certain Kiffar, anyway. He scrambled up to the front of the Hearth Home, addressing the construction workers, architects, and other building planners loudly:

"My friends! This woman is a charlatan, a pretender! Fake! How do we know she won't spend the credits we've earned on a galactic spending spree on frivolous luxuries? We have already fought the Sith, 'we' being the entire galaxy, and defeated them. There are no 'true Sith' and 'false Sith.' There are only Sith, and they've been driven back to the abysses from whence they came! Have you any proof of their existence, wretch?"

Tysyacha thought a moment and then sadly shook her head. No definitive, physical proof. Only the pull in the Force that seemed to beckon her to battle and bloodlust.

"See? She herself admits she has no evidence of these 'true Sith'. Disbelieve her tales and cast her out of the Hearth Home for her fraud and deception!" He stared and then stormed back to his former place. No Kiffar came forward with credits--or even words.
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