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Gundam Seed: Another Road

(OOC) This is an RPG story of Gundam Seed. It is a what if. Also the Duel, the Buster, and the Blitz are onboard the Gamow.


Spoilers: Set during Phase 10 (after the Advance Fleet is decimated and when Kira returns Lacus to Athrun).


Kira had successfully returned Lacus to Athrun. "She's safe" thought Kira when Athrun said something.

"Kira you come along too!" said Athrun calling out to Kira as he was about to return to the Archangel.

Kira began thinking about this. Flay's father had been killed and he felt completely responsible for what had happened to the advance fleet. He also knew he couldn't leave his friends behind. But this is Athrun Zala... his best friend. Kira remembered that he was a civilian, so he had a right to chose as he broadcasts a mesage to both the Archangel and the Vesalius.

"This is Kira Yamato, pilot of the GAT-X 105 Strike and civilian of Heliopolis! I'm going with the GAT-X 303 Aegis to the Nazca-class ship but only to talk! I wish for both ships to cease fire and remain in the area until then! I request 7 hours"

Athrun smiled at his best friend's answer. However everyone onboard the Archangel couldn't believe what they heard while Rau Le Creuset was surprised.

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