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Yes, sorry. The first copy of my map is called r5, and the newer copy is called r9. I just changed the details of the gamestart.cfg file from r5 to r9. (Where it mentions the .bsp name) But I think there is internal things in the gamestart file that change also with each map they go with. I will try making a new gamestart.cfg file from scratch.

I canít find the info again for making a gamestart file for a custom mod. I will look again.

Is it acceptable to post my Beta copy anywhere here or other sites? Just so I donít lose it when I re-install JO and GTK Radiant and all that. Itís nearly the finished product but just doesnít have and ending script of credits.

I am willing to post the .map file and everything else I have worked on for a year. I hope people will mod it or make a continuing map. I would like to start a map that just keeps going if anyoneís interested.

I really just want to get this map out so people can try it.

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