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"I would be honored to have the Valiant Glory as a transport," declared Tysy, "and as for the Ebon Hawk, I'd like to leave it here for the Kiffar as a symbol of goodwill and restitution for the damage I have caused."

A handsome yet greasy-looking Kiffar male suddenly leered. "1,000 credits for--you!"

"I said restitution, not--!" Without another word, she sent the Kiffar tumbling into a group of his compatriots with the slightest of Force Push maneuvers. "Anyway, the ship is yours, and as for us, we're going aboard the Valiant Glory. The Hawk, as well-maintained as she is, is getting old, and she needs extensive repair in order to fly again. I presume the Sangheili vessel is in top form," she declared, gazing at Prae with a mixture of fear and admiration. "We'll be launching soon, after we buy as much food and fuel as our remaining ten thousand credits will allow us."
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