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Originally Posted by jon_hill987
Why on earth would you get UT3 for the PS3? FPS cannot be played properly without a mouse and keyboard, they were designed for PC and on PC they should stay.
Right, and as much as I love FPS games, I refuse to shell out $3,000 a year upgrading my computer for all these system hogging games. None of them run on a conventional computer these days, everything has to be a high powered gaming rig. Trust me, I been working in this business full time for 3 years now. Also, I don't consider my self a hard core gamer enough to justify spending my condo money on a high end gaming rig. I have adapted to console based FPS games just fine. And please let this conversation die a horrible death before it becomes another console vs PC argument again. That debate is so 2002 dude...

Also, all you who have a 360, you are going to LOVE UT3. All you old school swampies who used to play Unreal 2004 in onslaught mode with me know what the hell I am talking about. Warfare mode is where it's at! Once this hits 360, that is probably all I will be playing, since I am an achievement/MP whore. I have already recruited most of my employees into purchasing it.
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