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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
SSD PC becoming a reality!
One of the main weak links in a modern PC can usually be your hard drive, as whatever the other components do they sometimes still have to wait on your HDD to crunch away and get all that data read or written...SSD (Solid State Drive) is like a flash USB card, but with loads more storage, and it's kicking traditional HDDs in the groin by breaking records all over the place! Keep an eye out for this stuff, once it's more affordable it's probably gonna be your next Hard Drive
Well that was bound to happen, I think, as by now many peepz have found out that sticking the swap/pagefile on a USB sticky greatly speeds up things. The SSD will be one of the more notable changes, especially since it handles better and a lot more safely than regular HDs with all their jiggly moving bits in them.

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