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Question Entity Viewer of Leslie Judge

Hi. I am an italian boy of 24 years. I want apprend the secret of mapping with radiant. i am a writer of a fantasy science fiction saga, and a far day i like to do a Videogames of this... and the graphic motor of Jedi Academy is perfect for this!!!
actually, for learn the cheats of job, i am working in the free time for the next project: a Mod for jedi academy for an amatorial sequel of LegaCy of kain series.
For this work, i need to a program for edit the entity of bsp files, for script they with Icarus Behaved.
In this forum i have seen leslie judge talk of an entity viewer for jedi knight, similar at the entity bsp viewer of half life!
This is the link of topic when i have read this.:

When can i find or download this tool??
please help me!
the odd lump size error of bspc is striked me!!
excuse, but my english is very rusty.
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