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Originally Posted by Qliveur
Wow. And this is coming from someone who loves Macs. I think the Mac guy just got that kick in the nuts that Astro always wanted to give him -and it came from Chainz of all people. What the hell is this world coming to?...
lolz, it wasnt the mac guy I wanted to kick in the nuts, it was the creator of those ads, for doing not much about being informative. An ad that featured what Macs are good at would have been more informative, rather than one that harped on gripes with PCs.

love that UHD screen - but even I must admit - OLED > LCD. More energy effcient too.... Since no GPU can kick ass in even 1600p, theres plenty o' time for me me to plan bank heists to get a 8MP 82" OLED, whenever theyre released.

@MJ - I wouldnt even bother pitching the Mac to the missus.... I think she'd prefer to be serenaded by your guitar than lose you for hours point'n'clickin and cursing how you could do all that stuff for 1/3 the price on a PC


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