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Originally Posted by Yodafone
Hey guys,

I wanted to ask you this, since I don't know how to fix the problem.

1.) When I play JK Enhanced (Through Patch Commander 4.0), and I try to create a character for Multiplayer - all the skins look totally deranged. They shine in different scanline colors and stuff. But when I play with them in Multiplayer - they look quite good. Although not as well defined as in the screenshots as seen in JK Enhanced screenies.

I have installed the latest unoffical patch for JK. What are the problems? How can I fix them? (I play the game in compatibility mode - Win 95)

2.) When I play with Rbots - they play Capture the Flag VERY lousy. In fact- they never score at all. Also, the difficulty settings are not working at all. There is no distinction between "Newbie" and "Inhuman" skill levels. What's wrong?

Hope to hear from you guys soon
Best wishes!

1) there is no way to fix this problem since the menu is in 256 colors and the models are in 16-bit colors....

2) play online! there is a good sized community over at IGZ and a room where people chat and such

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