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"There's something--else here," mumbled Tysyacha to Kreia and Canderous. "I sense an ill foreboding on this planet, one that we would not be wise to ignore before we leave Kiffu. While Prae and Cetanu are readying their ship, we might investigate." Canderous stared, not unkindly but certainly hard, into her bottomless blue eyes. He seemed to want to ask, What is it that you see, or sense, in this Force of yours?

"Pain," Tysy mumbled softly, "and something silenced. Come. The hunger is this way." She started moving toward the cellar of the building, which could be used as a fallout shelter in time of war or natural disaster. Something smelled down there--an odor of rotten eggs and something worse. When she saw what it was, Tysy gagged.

"Corpses! Two of them! Get back!" she cried before almost retching behind a pillar. "I knew something odd was down here, but I didn't expect this--the stench of death! I'll see if I can determine anything from the state of the bodies," she moaned, using Breath Control to block her respiratory senses for as long as she needed to. What she saw distressed her even further. "These two were killed by lightsaber," said she. "Someone who knew how to use the Force has been here before. Possibly Sith."

She straightened up and climbed with Kreia and her husband from the cellar's dark depths. "I would like your attention for one more moment," she said to the Kiffar. "It seems two bodies--dead bodies--are in your cellar. Do you know anything about this?"

"Jedi can sense lies," said a builder with an eerily cold tone of irritation and apathy.

"There were Sith here," replied one, his voice meek with grief and sorrow, "or what we believed to be Sith. They came to our Hearth Home looking for our stones, the stones that light our holy fire, claiming them to be precious artifacts. We said we needed them, and they slew two of us before our very eyes. We gave them what we said were all we had, but we did not hand over the last eleven. You polished them, Jedi."

"What exactly do those stones do besides light fires?" asked Tysy. "In the Force?"

"The Sith said they were precious, so we believed them," said the builder, "but that was all they said. They held us hostage by our humble faith, and so we backed down in weakness. We don't know what the stones do, but we used one of them to craft the Pendant of Pardon your husband now wears. They seem to be helping him. If the Sith have these, the rest of the stones that we gave them, they could be wearing them as we speak. Be on your guard. They could do more than they already have..."
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