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Val-Urgo's Yavin Resort

After it was recently left vacant by its former resident, an unknown Rodian hermit, Yavin station has been claimed by new owners. Hoping to attract tourism to the ruins that exist on the surface of Yavin IV, Gadrin Val-Urgo has added on to the station and set up a large vacation resort, complete with in-station hotel (luxury suites for the wealthy), cantina (the "Green Gizka", of which a Trandoshan named Terukk is the owner), and shuttles for transport to the surface. 100 credits per night, 75 for a round trip to the surface, it's a bargain you can't ignore....



This is unlike most of the RPs here (although it is based on some of the RPs over at the JK forums), since it has no action, no plot, and no needed char sheets. If you want to join, just jump in with a character. You can converse with other characters in the RP about anything and everything, or wander around the Yavin resort, or even hop down to the surface ruins to poke around with one of Val-Urgo's friendly - or not - tour guides.

The rules, of course, are few: no more than three characters - these can be pretty much any race/profession/person, even known characters or non-SW ones if you are so inclined (just keep the madness a minimum); and don't kill other characters, of course. To help the other RPers, a short in-character description of your character(s) would be nice as well.

Also, just an FYI, you can control most of the NPCs if you need to, such as Terukk or any others that pop up.


Jack Halcyon came stumbling through the Green Gizka cantina, his clothes and dark hair in a mess. To most present, he looked as though he had gotten roughed up by a couple of angry sentients who didn't like to lose at Pazaak - which was entirely true. However, Jack regained his dignity, and walked up to the bar, wiping some stray blood off of his face. He straightening the brown vest that covered his white shirt, along with his brown pants that carried a blue pinstripe down the sides.

"Wow, it is rough out there." Jack said to Terukk, attempting to smile. Terukk didn't return the favor. "There's, er, some nice weather, though." Jack's smile faded.

"Yes," Terukk replied scathingly in his own speech, which Jack understood. "It hardly ever rains here in the station."

"I meant... nevermind." Jack sat down. "Just gimme a Corellian ale."
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