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"Huh." Canderous grunted. "And that one jerk of a Kiffur wanted to tell you that there wasn't any danger from True Sith." Personally, he was glad for the change. Finally, there was some action, some danger. Even though he knew it was childish, he readied his rifle, feeling like True Sith would jump out of the sky at any moment.

He almost laughed out loud, he felt so good. What a day... He thought to himself. He still had concerns, however.

"Tysy," he took her aside and whispered to her, "If the True Sith really were here, its possible that they discovered we are here as well. In that case, it might not be the greatest plan to leave in the hunk of metal with those Sangheili. Perhaps if we had a diversion...."

He thought to himself. Nothing was coming to him. "Or, we could always just blast away in that ship and hope for the best. Always worked before. But whatever we do, we need to stay ahead of the True Sith. I just wonder if they expect us to try and get off the planet as fast as we can."
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