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No argument here. And unlike many of you here... I can actually remember them.

Played Halo 2 most of the night. Then some Mass Effect.

(Kind of a shame the old XBox games don't register in the Gamercard at all... oh well...)

Did a big grocery shopping today. It was pretty needed... and I doubt I'll want to stop tomorrow if it turns as messy as predicted. Maybe up to a foot of snow in some places. Gack.

Watched Ratatouille after that. Really good.

It occurred to me while watching the movie that if I get a high def TV soon, that I'll be wanting to watch all my DVDs all over again on the nice screen. Not that my current TV is a slouch, (the image is actually fairly nice...) but it's standard aspect... so that everything is letterboxed.

As soon as I go HD though... I predict many, many nights re-watching my entire movie collection.

Better stock up on popcorn.

Word just came down via e-mail: Work is closed tomorrow.

That's a relief. Yay! More time for games!

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