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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken
Ed: Your standard Def movies on your new HD tv will look like crap. TRUST ME. If you want to watch your old collection, nab a 1080P Upconvert DVD player so they don't look completley bad. And consider getting either a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player. Though I'd wait until the format war is over.
All signs point to Blu-Ray being the unofficial winner at this point... but yeah, I'm sure I'll wait a bit on that anyway.

One thing at a time. Can't afford to replace the whole signal chain at once. It would be nice, but until I hit the lottery, kind of impossible.

I dunno... hard to believe that it will look worse than it does now... I'm going composite out of the player through the receiver, into the TV. About as lo-fi as an image signal can get. The TV doesn't take s-vid or component ins, so this was the only solution... other than into the co-ax input, which looked even worse.

My guess is that going component out of player straight into a widescreen TV is going to be a visual improvement over that right off the bat... but I guess I'll have to see it for myself. Obviously, I'm going to have to upscale...

Eventually the whole path will be high-def... but this year if I can just get myself the TVs it will be a start.

I'll be wanting to replace the surround receivers eventually too, to accept HDMI inputs. I'll keep the speakers, though...

Don't think my cable company offers a box with HDMI output yet, though... or at least they didn't as of the middle of last year when my boss upgraded to hi-def on his TV. So that will have to be component out as well...

This is just the livingroom set I'm thinking about... the cellar setup will probably just be primarily a gaming rig... I almost never watch TV down there anymore. If I watch a DVD there, it will probably be through the XBox anyway... which will be HDMI in.

Trust me... any upgrade I do down there will be a VAST improvement. That TV is probably close to 20 years old, was a cheap basic model to begin with, and ONLY accepts co-ax in. Right now, everything is going composite into the receiver, then co-ax through the VCR, into the TV.

It's already a blurry image, even for standard def. Couldn't possibly look worse than it does now.

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