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"True sith..." A mechanical voice repeated from behind them. They turned around to see a strange female clothed from head to toe in a strange armor appearing to be made from similar material to that of normal clothing. Inside the armor was Audrey, however she hid her face behind a mask to prevent her former pupil from discovering her identity. The mechanical voice was the product of a small computer chip placed on her neck that changed her vocal chord to sound more like a machine that a woman. "True sith... Yes, yes, this does seem like their work..."

Audrey could sense of the presence of death, and to her it was beautiful scent to which she couldn't help but stop and admire. "I guess they're coming out of their little hole. Hmmp, about time." She smiled underneath her mask before reaching out for one of the builders, using both her arm and the force. She picked him up and slowly dragged him towards her before he was an extra arms length away where he halted in mid air. The fingers of her arm had been stretched out and aimed at the floating builder, before clenching into a fight fist. Her force grip on the builder had a similar affect. As she clenched her fist title, the man's ribcage compacted into his internal organs, giving him a painful yet quick death. "Goodbye," She muttered before tossing him aside.

"Tysyacha Dvyx Ordo of the Jedi order, oh no wait, you betrayed and abandoned the order to save the life wicked witch that used you to destroy the remnants of the Jedi order," Audrey said, adding a small laugh at the end, before drawing her blaster riffle, "Your death should be interesting."

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