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Despite the simple task of the removal of the mask could not be completed, Kreia had no difficulty moving the blaster and aiming it at Audrey's head. Audrey moved her head and stared down the barrel of her own blaster. "Impressive, you've learned a lot.. But quiet clearly not a lot," Audrey said before sending a shockwave towards Kreia with the intention of knocking her to her feet. Audrey didn't care much with her shockwave knocked her down or not, it removed Kreia's concentration and Audrey was able to move freely.

"Step aside old woman, I'm not here to fight you, it's your little plaything I'm interested in fighting," Audrey says "I'm here to have a one on one with the exile. Traitor to traitor."

(Btw, i'd like Audrey's mask to remain on for the duration of this battle. I want her identity kept a secret.)

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