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"So it's me you want?" asked the Exile, Tysyacha Dvyx Ordo, wife of Mandalore. "Very well. Asato ma sad gamaya!" she cried, a rally to arms. "From darkness to light!" Intending to finish her dueler off quickly, Tysy flung herself into a blow that would have severed the heads (and bodies) of lesser mortals. However, this rogue Jedi was not one. She easily backflipped away from the whirling silver lightsabers of the other.

Tysy spun on her heels and charged again in a leftward spin. This one connected, but it only grazed the flesh of the Jedi's arm. Hissing under the heat and duress of battle, with a triumphant gaze in her eyes, the rogue seized an opportunity to propel the Exile into the nearest pillar. Her victim, body relaxing, oddly let her snatch hold of her face and smash her skull into the wood. Lifting Tysyacha up, the assassin prepared to kill...

...and thus was greatly startled when the Exile ignited her sabers again, lowering them!
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