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Ike: Did you follow along with what was going on with the procedure for future reference? I imagine it would be pretty interesting for you (even though it's actually taking place in your mouth...)

Keyan: I tend to agree... As long as the cable is better quality than what comes in the box most of the time, I don't see the huge advantage to ultra expensive cables.
And this is coming from a man who has coiled enough copper in my lifetime to reach to the Moon and back... a couple of times.
If cost was no object... then I imagine every cable in my possession would be top-shelf Monster or better... but for the short 1' or less box-to-box runs I have to make in my AV racks, I don't think the premium stuff is going to make that all big of a difference.

Zarg: That's kinda my feeling too. I've seen standard def DVDs played back on nice high def TVs... and they still look better than what I'm looking at right now. May not be ideal... but I'm sure I'll be able to live with for a while. At least until Blu-Ray DVD players come down into the budgetary reach of us mere mortals.

And after all... I have no plans on upgrading all my favorite movies to yet another format again.

New stuff will be purchased on whatever hi-def optical format wins this current war... but traditional DVDs will have to suffice for most of the films in my collection for a long time to come.

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