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"Oh, er... absolutely." Jack looked a bit taken off balance. "I mean..." He cleared his throat. "Certainly."

"Well," he started, regaining some of his bravado, "I just happened on to this lovely station resort while doing a little tour of the major pazaak championships. Unfortunately, most of them didn't go so well." Jack grinned. "Not that I lost, but - well, some didn't quite like how I won. Normally, I wouldn't care, but every once in a while you win against the wrong guy, and.... well, I- he- I got, um, framed for cheating on that particular game, down on Taris."

"Now, I'm a pretty good pazaak player, y'know. But, I pretty much lost all my winnings, first to the sponsors of the tournament, then to pay the other schutta off. So, here I am, trying to scrounge up a few credits. Pretty much all there is to tell."

Jack took a big drink, and looked his companion. "Sure," a voice cut in. Terukk leaned over the bar, "And I'm actually the old rodian hermit, pretending to be a trandoshan bartender so I can stay on the station. If you look in the back room, you can see all my treasures." The trandoshan scoffed and turned around.

"Er, hehe..." Jack looked back at her. "Don't mind him, he doesn't really like me that much."

"But what about you, miss?" Jack took another drink. "I didn't catch your name."
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