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"So far, I have defeated you," replied Tysyacha, "because you haven't killed me even while I played the most dead of dead! You could have snapped my neck in two, but you didn't, and that means there is still some measure of real potential in you." Tysy lifted up the rogue Jedi into the air in the first stage of a Force Crush--the levitation. However, the pressure upon the rogue's body was slight, enough to hold her but not yet enough to cause any pain. She held her two lightsabers directly below the woman.

"Yes, I betrayed the Jedi Order by going to war under Revan's banner. I defied the Council and turned my back on their teachings--and myself. I also betrayed the Jedi by sparing Kreia, my Master, who would have been dead and thrown into the core of Malachor V if my former compatriots had their way. I do not deny my treason; I admit it. Tell me--why is it you have not been able to kill me yet, even when I relaxed now?"
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