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The woman smirked faintly and shook her head. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she replied simply. "Nonetheless, as you've asked politely, I may as well give you the courtesy of a name." She turned and extended a hand to him, and in the process, revealed a strange-looking armband on her upper left arm. "Casey Vale."

She knew the name was almost sure to ring a bell. Six months earlier, major shipbuilding corporations like Incom, CEC, and KDY were hacked and all of the data on their newest prototypes vanished. In addition, several shipping companies lost the information on the locations and cargoes of their ships and all the holos and viewscreens on both Corellia and Coruscant had been hacked to proclaim, "Rules are made to be broken."

Two weeks after the so-called 'Galaxy Hacks', the Galaxy Hacker was identified. Her online alias was 'Grabbit', an alias which had been linked to nearly one-hundred computer-based crimes and seventeen arrests. Without warning, all of the stolen information was returned. Twenty-four hours later, Casey Vale was arrested. Due to her ability to hack her way out of technology-based prisons, Casey was given a swift trial, an armband designed specifically for her, and assigned eight guards to keep an eye on her at all times.

Then, she and her guards had vanished, rumored to be traveling so the hackers of the galaxy could not attempt a rescue of the most successful of their number in recent years.

And now, it seemed, here she was, sipping an Ithorian mist without much care for who saw her or what they thought of her.

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