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Caleb Ellis was in the saloon when Red Dalton entered and his eyes widened ever so slightly. Slowly, knowing the marshal had not seen him yet, Ellis slouched down in his booth and tipped his hat down, just enough to hide his face. As it was, he'd managed to slip into the saloon without being noticed by the patrons... and he'd love it if he could sit here without being noticed by the marshal, quite possibly the only one in the place who knew he was a bounty hunter.

To the rest, Ellis hardly looked the part. He was a bit small to look at and he wore clothes that hid his lean, muscular frame. Quite frankly, he looked more like a thief than a bounty hunter... which is why he knew it would come as a surprise to most people to discover what he was. And it was a surprise he preferred them to discover only after he'd wrestled them to the ground and tied them up... or slipped something in their drink to put them to sleep.

Caleb Ellis was a man who relied on stealth for his hunting. He couldn't see the point of charging up to someone, gun flaring if you could more easily slip up behind them and catch them unawares. So here he was in Laramie, keeping his keen ears peeled for information on the Tenney Gang... quite possibly the most challenging prospect he'd ever considered.

At the least, he wanted their leader. At most, he'd take them all.

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