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Originally Posted by Heavyarms
Okay. Have you ever actually seen a politician's schedule? I know people think them overpaid, but to be honest, they work more hours a week than you probably ever will, and I'd say probably they go about 60-65 hours a week easy. They work weekends, early mornings, nights. I bet you don't work many of those.
I think it would be correctly said that they are supposed to work more hours a week than any of us ever will, but I'm not convinced that they spend a lot of their working hours actually working. Why? Well, here's an example - I don't know what's it like over there, but in my country we have televised sessions of the Parliament, meaning that every time they're in session there's a live broadcast on the second channel of the national television. Anyway, regardless of how long their sessions last anyone with an ounce of brain can see that they aren't actually doing anything but call each other names and say how this government is better/worse than that government. Also, voting is trivial - they'll spend the whole day talking about unimportant things (see above) and then the governing majority will vote yes on the issue at hand, meaning that the law, or amendment, or whatever will be passed, if it's proposed by the governing majority (if it's proposed by the opposition, chances are it won't be passed, though there are some extremely rare exceptions). Hey, it's democracy in action.

(Since I have cable TV, I can say that the above doesn't apply to just my country's Parliament, but to the Parliaments of at least two neighboring countries. And before you come to the wrong conclusion, no I don't watch their sessions that much, but I usually see a few minutes of each while scrolling through channels and when you see the same pointless bickering at least three times that day, you know they aren't doing what they were elected for.)

I'll give you one thing, though - I don't work, but that's because I'm in college and am devoting most of my time to studying.

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