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Favorite Star Wars Female Character

I am not going to make this a poll right now, it matters on how many people respond also, there are a lot of options.

What is your favorite star wars female character and why. (They do not have to be from games they can be from books too) If it is a character from an online story please describe the character (if possible give a picture link)

Okay, my favorite is definitely Mara Jade, this is because she is, I think, the first female Jedi of the NJO (New Jedi Order). Also any illustration of her give me a chill down my spine. But furthermore I really like her attitude. In an earlier forum I said that Bastila looks like my girlfriend, well she does, but Mara acts JUST LIKE HER. So really, it is a personal world connection to why I like Mara Jade.

Okay here are some choices since I cant make it a Poll now:

1) Princess Leia
2) Padme Admidala
3) Bastila Shan
4) Mara Jade
5) Mon Mothma
6) Jaina Solo
7) Brianna
8) Kreia
9) Atris
10) Other
11) Juno Eclipse

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