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New things we learned from the new preview:

The bowcaster will be almost the same as in JK1 (including the 5 shot second fire option)

We're going to get "acrobatic-style moves". I wonder how they're doing this. If this is going to be Oni-style key-combos or something else.

The AI is going to be fantastic!

Force lightning will be a force power in JK2. Will they make it as in JK1 or as in MotS?

There will be actual weather effects like rain and snow that will affect the gameplay (make the ground slippery or something)

There will be 8 different locations, with multiple sublevels. This doesn't really say much, because we don't know how long the levels will be.

I think that's about it. Overall I'd have to agree with this preview: It's going to kick ass!

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