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"Bao-Dur was a Jedi," Tysy replied, "and as such, he would have preferred to see one who had fallen become redeemed instead of slain by the forces of Light. He would not have approved of my sparing Kreia, but he would have understood my reasons for it. His death would have truly been meaningless if I had remained upon Malachor V and assumed the Dark Throne of the Sith that Kreia, presumably dead, would have left open for me." She turned to Kreia and Canderous. "Please, stand aside. It's only fair that we duel man-to-man, or in this case, Jedi to Jedi." The two obeyed, reluctantly.

"Now. You have a chance to kill me here within this very circle of holiness that the Kiffar have lovingly constructed. Will their Hearth Home charter be written in blood?"
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