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Originally Posted by Black Knight of Keno
((Welmin's ripoff much? But heck, I'm game :P ))
well.... yea, pretty much. it just inspired me so much.... )))

"You've got to be kidding me." Jack looked at her with amazement. "Pardon me if I'm a little bit skeptical, but... is there a way I could see this paradise in action? Man, if I could do that...." he trailed off.

"Of course, not like I can't get money for myself. I just have to play pazaak for it." Jack looked up as an elderly Weequay entered the room. "I'll never call it 'free money' again."

"So why are you here? Just trying out the latest in luxury hotels? I imagine that you don't mind being a prisoner." Jack felt like he was in the presence of royalty. Maybe she wasn't lying, maybe she really was the famous hacker. Maybe- maybe she could help him out with some of his problems.
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